Elder Interviews

Evangeline Buell
, interviewed by Milton Lee with Francis Chen

Henry Chang, interviewed by Sandy Liao with Sakura Huang

Alicia & Sherlyn Chew, interviewed by David Joseph-Goteiner

Ted Dang, interviewed by Louie Chen with Edan Qian

Dr. David Der, interviewed by Eric Chen and Tiffany Chen

Darlene Lee
, interviewed by Sakura Huang with Alan Wong & Wilson Wong

George Ong, interviewed by Tiffany Chen with Eric Chen

Charles Sumimoto, interviewed by Francis Chen with David Joseph-Goteiner

Li Keng Wong, interviewed by Edan Qian with Sakura Huang

William Wong, interviewed by Rose Huey with Sandy Liao

About the Elder Interviews (Phase 1)


"Tell your story! It will make an impact."
David Joseph-Goteiner, youth interviewer

Phase 1 Team

Project Director: Dr. Anne Huang
Project Manager: Angela Zusman of Uniquely Perfect.

For more details about the Phase 1 Interviews:

1. Check out a video of a KTVU Channel 2 interview by Rosy Chu with Anne Huang and Angela Zusman.
2. Check out an Oral History Association article written by Angela Zusman.

Phase 1 Interviews were supported in part by the Clorox Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, City of Oakland, and individual donors.