Phase 1: Elder Interviews

About the Elder Interviews (Phase 1)


"Tell your story! It will make an impact."
David Joseph-Goteiner, youth interviewer

Evangeline Buell
, interviewed by Milton Lee with Francis Chen

Henry Chang, interviewed by Sandy Liao with Sakura Huang

Alicia & Sherlyn Chew, interviewed by David Joseph-Goteiner

Ted Dang, interviewed by Louie Chen with Edan Qian

Dr. David Der, interviewed by Eric Chen and Tiffany Chen

Darlene Lee
, interviewed by Sakura Huang with Alan Wong & Wilson Wong

George Ong, interviewed by Tiffany Chen with Eric Chen

Charles Sumimoto, interviewed by Francis Chen with David Joseph-Goteiner

Li Keng Wong, interviewed by Edan Qian with Sakura Huang

William Wong, interviewed by Rose Huey with Sandy Liao

Phase 1 Team

Project Director: Dr. Anne Huang
Project Manager: Angela Zusman of Uniquely Perfect.

For more details about the Phase 1 Interviews:

1. Check out a video of a KTVU Channel 2 interview by Rosy Chu with Anne Huang and Angela Zusman.
2. Check out an Oral History Association article written by Angela Zusman.

Phase 1 Interviews were supported in part by the Clorox Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, City of Oakland, and individual donors.