Phase 2: Digital Archive and Community Memory Map

(currently in 2009)

Phase 2 was the Community Memory Mapping Phase in which a series of community memory mapping events will occur and a place-based digital archive will be created for public access.  OACC is currently developing a web-based digital archive for collected stories and future stories.  Through these interactive portals along with a partnership with Storycorps, OACC continues to collect new stories about community life in Chinatown around specific places.  For more information about this project, contact Roy at rcoacc(at)

Past Events

March 14, 2009 : Oakland Chinatown Storycorps Community Listening Party

On March 14th, 2009, OACC showcased excerpts from Chinatown interviews conducted in partnership with Storycorps during recent community recording sessions.  


Interactive "Memory Map" Exhibit: Oakland Chinatown Oral History Project

At OACC's gallery, you were able to read collected stories and share your own story about specific places in Chinatown as OACC showcased a new interactive map exhibit which includes an aerial photograph of Chinatown.

Project Links

General Project info (background & mission)
Phase 1 (Intergenerational interviews conducted in 2007 and transcribed in 2008)


A Community Advisory Committee made up of local residents, scholars, and past youth/ elder participants ensures the project's process is community-based. 
Committee members include:
Teresita Bautista, Ted Dang, Dr. David Der, David Joseph-Goteiner, Dr. Anne Huang,
Derek Lang, Darlene Lee, Sandy Liao, Nancy MacKay, William Wong, Angela Zusman

Phase 2 was supported in part by the California Council for the Humanities and individual supporters.